About Rice Power Extract No. 11

Key ingredients for beautiful skinActive Ingredient Rice Power Extract No. 11

Developed for a healthy future for modern skin.

For centuries, rice water and bran water baths have been used in Japan to moisturize dry skin. Using rice and fermentation technologies, we developed active ingredient Rice Power® Extract No.11. This extract provides the cutis with ceramides to improve your skin’s natural barrier function and increase its ability to retain moisture*.

A process that takes approximately 90 days.

The raw ingredient is the same rice that we eat, 100%. After steaming the rice, we use a special process developed by HADAKIWAMI to remove the extract. Next we add yeast and lactobacillus to this extract and allow it to ferment for an extended period. The end result of this process is the mature active ingredient Rice Power® No. 11. From fermentation to maturity takes approximately 90 days. The final product contains numerous amino acids, peptides and saccharides in an optimally balanced compound that is impossible to create artificially. Rice Power extracts have many different functions, but only No. 11 is certified as improving skin’s ability to retain moisture. (Data as of 2013.)

Rice Power® No. 11 is the active ingredient in our Beauty Serum (cosmeceutical product) that improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.
It is the moisturizing ingredient in our Moisturizing Lotion and Moisturizing Lotion (Gel), Cream and Eye Cream (cosmetic products) that keeps skin hydrated.