Removes dead skin cells and cleans pores

*Rice sterol is a phytosteryl oleate.

The science
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What users say about Powder WashPraise from satisfied customers

Powder Wash addresses various skin problems.

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For the entire year, I’ll trust in this moisture.

The key to skincare is moisture care. Moisture makes skin beautiful instantly.
Skin moisturized by HADAKIWAMI is plump and smooth, and won’t easily become unbalanced.
Use HADAKIWAMI year round, for a complexion that stays smooth.
With simple steps every day, you’ll keep your skin looking its best.

Active Ingredient Rice Power Extract No. 11

For centuries, rice water and bran water baths have been used in Japan to moisturize dry skin.
Using rice and fermentation technologies, we developed active ingredient Rice Power Extract No. 11.

About Rice Power Extract No. 11

What users say about Moisturizing LotionPraise from satisfied customers

Moisturizing Lotion moisturizes skin for a smooth complexion.

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