Promotes the creation of ceramides to enhance skin’s protective barrier and improve its ability to retain moisture.

This cosmeceutical contains active ingredient Rice Power® No. 11 to promote production of ceramides that improve skin’s barrier function and its ability to retain moisture.

HADAKIWAMI Serum[Cosmeceutical]
Brand name RP Serum

(Dispenser and refill 60 ml / Large size 100 ml)

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Active Ingredient
Rice Power® No. 11 (Improves moisture retention)
*Rice Power® No. 11 (Rice extract No. 11)
Moisturizing ingredients
Green tea extract (cha extract),glycerin concentrate

Boosts skin’s moisture retention capacity

The science
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  • Active ingredient Rice Power® No. 11 promotes creation of moisture-retaining ceramides that improve the skin's barrier function and its ability to keep moisture in.
  • Smooth and light, it soaks deep within the surface layer to fully moisturize skin.
  • Restores the moisture balance of unbalanced skin that is characterized by dry cheek areas and an oily forehead.
  • Octyl-dodecanol (emollient) & miniaturization technology soften skin and deliver active ingredients deep within the skin.
  • Double fermentation polymers* form a hydrated web over skin to keep moisture from escaping. (*Alcaligenes polysaccharides, xanthan gum)
  • Color-free, mild acidity
  • Features a soothing aroma combining citrus green floral with Japanese green tea.

How to Use

  • Use this product first immediately after cleansing the face both morning and night.
  • Pump 2 to 3 times to place a small amount on the palm of your hand. Smooth over skin.
  • Apply prior to applying HADAKIWAMI Moisturizing Lotion.

Serum moisturizes skin for a smooth complexion.
Praise from satisfied customers

  • I used to have dry skin, but since I started using HADAKIWAMI my skin feels great!!

    Kanagawa PrefectureAge 26
  • The way it soaks in to the skin feels really good and makes my skin feel moist. I’m very happy with the way it makes my foundation go on great in the morning!

    TokyoAge 29
  • It really soaks into my skin and keeps it feeling moist.

    Shizuoka PrefectureAge 35
  • My skin feels bouncy and moist, and it stays moist for a long time afterward. It’s fantastic!

    Fukushima PrefectureAge 27
  • I used to use blotting paper all the time, but now I don’t use so many.

    Nagasaki PrefectureAge 34
  • With just two steps, my skin is super supple. I’m amazed at how bouncy and flexible my skin has become!

    Fukushima PrefectureAge 27
  • It’s light and easy to use, and it leaves my skin feeling moist and comfortable. I really like that it’s not greasy and the easy two steps.

    Kanagawa PrefectureAge 34
  • With just one product my skin is soft and supple. I like that it leaves my skin feeling moist but not greasy.

    KyotoAge 31
  • I have combination skin, and now my nose and forehead seem less oily.

    HokkaidoAge 29
  • My foundation goes on better than ever. I think my skin looks more beautiful now that I use HADAKIWAMI.

    Kanagawa PrefectureAge 26