Made with zink alloy and palladium plating

Help for your eyes!
Eye cream that massages your skin with the moisture of rice.

Erases lines caused by dryness and the telltale signs of age and fatigue with the moisturizing power of rice.

Brand name HK Eye lift cream

20 g(*Tested for effectiveness)

< Ingredients >

Moisturizing ingredients
Rice Power® (rice extract) No. 11,akebia stem extract,green tea extract (cha leaf extract),beefsteak stem extract,glycerin
Resilience and Radiance (Moisturizer)
Oryzanol,yeast extract,glycerin

non-no Best Cosmetics 2014Eye Care Division Award Winner

Special care for eyes

The science

How Eye Lift Cream works

【Conceptual rendering】

【Close up view of eye area after application of lotion】

  • 1. When lotion is spread on to the skin, the emollient capsules burst, and phospholipids act as agents to deliver beauty components throughout the skin. When massaged into skin with the attached massage head, the lotion penetrates even the finest of lines for a smooth, even texture where you need it most.

  • 2. A moisturizing shield creates a barrier membrane on the surface of the skin to keep moisture in, preventing it from evaporating. Skin stays smooth and moist.

Massage eye cream into skin for greater effectiveness

  • Rub gently along the bone above and below the eyes, from the inner end of the brows toward the temples. (Three times each.)

  • Gently press the areas below the inner and outer ends of the eyebrows and under the pupil.

  • Slowly and gently rub along the upper and lower eyelids from the inner ends of the brows toward the temples. Finish by lightly pressing the temples.

Massing and pressing the pressure points relieves tiredness and tension around the eyes.

The science


  • Contains moisturizing Rice Power® (rice extract) No. 11.
    Eliminates fine lines caused by dryness* and moisturizes for smooth, elastic skin. (*Tested for effectiveness)
  • Resilience and radiance components work on dryness, fine lines and dark circles to give the eye area a bright, healthy look. (*Dark circles are due to dryness and rough skin.)

Includes massage head to smooth out fine lines.

  • Massage head provides a smooth, comfortable massage to whisk away tiredness around eyes.
  • Enhanced with easily absorbed botanical oils such as meadowfoam oil and adhering emollient oils. Reaches fine grooves and lines to smooth the complexion.
  • Forms a moisturizing shield on the surface of the skin to prevent evaporation and keep skin smooth and moist.
  • All HADAKIWAMI products have the same citrus green floral scent.
  • Color-free, mild acidity
  • Massage head is made of zinc alloy with palladium plating.

How to Use

  • Use prior to going to bed (after applying cream).
  • Place a small amount on the tip of your finger and spread on skin around the eyes. (A pearl-sized amount is enough for the areas around both eyes.)
  • Next, placing the flat side of the tube massage head on the skin, softly and lightly slide from the inner to the outer corner of eyes for a gentle massage.