Soft and smooth. An enzyme facial cleanser that utilizes moisturizers derived from rice to soothe and hydrate skin.

This powder facial wash removes dead skin cells and impurities with the natural moisturizing power of rice, so skin feels clean, smooth and fresh.

Brand name HK Powder facial wash

32 capsules of 0.4 g

< Ingredients >

Cleansing ingredients
Protein digesting enzymes (proteases),
sebum clearing ingredient (Silica sodium lauroyl glutamate)
Moisturizing ingredients
Natural rice derived moisturizing substances
[ Rice sterol, Rice Bran Oil, Rice Germ Oil ]
*Rice sterol is a phytosteryl oleate.

Removes dead skin cells and cleans pores

*Rice sterol is a phytosteryl oleate.

The science
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Natural rice derived moisturizing substances
What are rice sterol*, rice bran oil and rice germ oil?

Natural, rice derived moisturizers (rice sterol*, rice bran oil and rice germ oil) are obtained from the layer of bran that surrounds and protects the rice grain. The bran is removed from brown rice when it is polished. Since ancient times, small bags of rice bran were used to keep skin smooth. Even today, rice is stored with the bran layer intact to protect the rice grains from climate and other harsh environmental factors and to preserve its flavor. Rice is polished immediately prior to use, and hydrolytic rice extract is obtained from the refined white rice. These substances occurring naturally in rice deliver moisture throughout the uppermost layer of skin, revitalizing skin and resulting in a smooth, even complexion.

*Rice sterol is a phytosteryl oleate.

The science


Gets rid of stubborn pore-clogging dirt, blackheads and dead skin cells!

  • Combines proteases, the protein-digesting enzymes responsible for cleansing, with sebum clearing ingredients. Enzymes gently break down the dead cells on the surface of skin and impurities inside pores, removing the root cause of dull complexion and rough texture.
  • Reduces pores and leaves skin soft and smooth.
  • Prevents acne and gives skin a healthy glow.

Natural rice derived moisturizers and amino acid cleansers leave skin soft and supple!

  • Intercellular lipid replenishing rice sterol, the rice bran oil used since ancient times for facial cleansing in Japan, and emollient-rich rice germ oil combine to prevent moisture from escaping the skin.
  • A gentle foam formed primarily from amino acid cleansing ingredients envelops rough skin to effectively remove dead skin cells without scrubbing.
  • All HADAKIWAMI products have the same citrus green floral scent.
  • Color-free

How to Use

  • Place one bag on the palm of your hand. Gradually add small amounts of cold or lukewarm water to create a foam. Cleanse face and rinse thoroughly.

Powder Wash addresses a wide range of skin problems.
Praise from satisfied customers.

  • When I rinse it off, I can feel how soft and smooth my skin is. Even after I dry off with a towel, my skin still feels moist.

    Tottori PrefectureAge 38
  • I knew my skin would feel smooth right after using it, but it still feels smooth days later!

    Toyama PrefectureAge 23
  • My chin area, which is usually pretty dry, was nice and soft.

    KyotoAge 28
  • My skin isn’t dry any more. Now it’s soft and smooth.

    TokyoAge 39
  • My skin feels smooth and moist.

    Fukushima PrefectureAge 40
  • My skin felt moist and smooth, and I didn’t have to use moisturizer right away.

    TokyoAge 40
  • The skin around my nose felt really smooth. I’m really happy that it took care of my clogged pores.

    Aichi PrefectureAge 29
  • I can’t feel the roughness or unevenness anymore!

    Nagano PrefectureAge 37
  • It feels refreshing and moist, not rough. The absorption is good for my basic skincare.

    Kanagawa PrefectureAge 32
  • I had trouble with dryness and blackheads around my nose, but it seems to have gotten better.

    Okayama PrefectureAge 31
  • It makes my skin feel soft, so I can use it all year round.

    TokyoAge 40
  • Even just using it once, my skin felt really smooth. I could feel the enzymes working.

    TokyoAge 31
  • My makeup goes on better.
    My skin feels softer all over.

    Aichi PrefectureAge 29
  • I like the silky smooth feel. I didn’t need to hurry to put moisturizer on.

    Saitama PrefectureAge 36
  • I like the simple design of the bag, and it smells good, too. I look forward to using it every time.

    Ibaraki PrefectureAge 33
  • I’m really self-conscious about my red nose, and it’s a little better than before. There’s less dryness, too.

    Miyazaki PrefectureAge 31
  • The dryness around my nostrils and chin seems to have gotten better.

    Kagawa PrefectureAge 35
  • I seem to have fewer blackheads around my nostrils. My T-zone is less oily than before.

    Aomori PrefectureAge 34
  • It’s easy to make a creamy foam.

    Saitama PrefectureAge 36
  • It’s easy to make a good foam with your hands.

    KyotoAge 28
  • Even though it’s an enzyme powder, it foamed up really well. It foams up quickly, so it’s easy to use.

    TokyoAge 35
  • My pores shrunk. Each bag is wrapped individually, so it feels special.

    Chiba PrefectureAge 38
  • People would always say I had course skin, like a man. For the first time I was told I have nice skin.

    Aichi PrefectureAge 34
  • I had the idea that enzyme facial cleanser wouldn’t foam at all, but it foams up nicely.

    TokyoAge 39
  • I like the light feel of the enzyme face wash and the soft feel on my skin when I cleanse.

    Chiba PrefectureAge 38
  • My skin seems clearer and less dry.

    Ibaraki PrefectureAge 33
  • It foams up really well and doesn’t dissipate. I like the soft, fluffy feel of the foam.

    OsakaAge 30