Seals in moisture
to keep skin hydrated.

Contains Rice Power® No. 11.
Envelops skin with thick moisture, providing resilience and elasticity for a plump, soft feel.

HADAKIWAMI Thick Moisturizing Cream

40 g

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Moisturizing ingredients
Rice Power® (rice extract) No. 11,akebia stem extract,green tea extract (cha leaf extract),beefsteak stem extract,glycerin
Rice-derived substances (Rice sterol <phytosteryl oleate> and rice bran wax)

MAQUIA 2013 2nd Half Best Cosmetic1st place in the Online Member Cream Division

Special care for days when skin feels extra dry

The science

What are rice-derived ingredients (emollients)?
(Rice sterol* and rice bran wax)

These emollients are obtained from the layer of bran that surrounds and protects the grain of rice. The bran is removed from brown rice when it is polished. Since ancient times, small bags of rice bran were used to keep skin smooth. Even today, rice is stored with the bran layer intact to protect the rice grains from climate and other harsh environmental factors and to preserve its flavor. Rice is polished immediately prior to use, and hydrolytic rice extract is obtained from the refined white rice.

* Rice sterol is a phytosteryl oleate.

The science


  • Cream contains Rice Power® No. 11. Envelops fine lines with thick moisture, leaving skin resilient and elastic.
  • Contains rice-derived substances (emollient). Rice sterol and rice bran wax work by bolstering the skin’s outer layer to lift and soften.
  • A thick, rich texture that adheres to skin for a moist, supple feel.
  • Provides all the benefits of an overnight mask, so skin still feels moist the next morning. Eliminates dryness and roughness for soft, smooth skin.
  • Uses the body’s own natural moisturizing system. Bolsters the three important moisturizing mechanisms of skin―ceramides, NMF and hydrolipid film―to close in moisture.
  • Color-free, mild acidity
  • Features a soothing aroma combining citrus green floral with Japanese green tea.

How to Use

  • Before going to bed at night, apply a pearl-sized amount to your fingertip. Dab onto chin, cheeks, nose and forehead, then smooth into skin.
  • Apply after applying HADAKIWAMI Moisturizing Lotion.