This oil-based cleanser gently hydrates as it removes all traces of makeup. 

Combines the convenience of use with wet hands with the gentle effect of natural rice derived moisturizing substances. Envelops oil- and water-based makeup particles, leaving skin soft and supple.

HADAKIWAMI Cleansing Oil
Brand name HK Cleansing Oil

150 ml

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Cleansing ingredients
Quick makeup-melting component: Isopropyl myristate
Moisturizing ingredients
Natural rice derived moisturizing substances (Rice sterol, rice bran oil, rice bran extract)
* Rice sterol is a phytosteryl oleate.
Rich cleanser gently and effectively removes makeup for beautiful skin.
The science

What are natural rice derived moisturizing substances
(rice sterol*, rice bran oil, rice bran extract)?

Natural rice derived moisturizing substances (rice sterol*, rice bran oil and rice bran extract) are obtained from the layer of bran that surrounds and protects the grain of rice. The bran is removed from brown rice when it is polished. Since ancient times, small bags of rice bran were used to keep skin smooth. Even today, rice is stored with the bran layer intact to protect the rice grains from climate and other harsh environmental factors and to preserve its flavor. These substances occurring naturally in rice deliver moisture throughout the uppermost layer of skin, revitalizing skin and resulting in a smooth, even complexion.

* Rice sterol is a phytosteryl oleate.

The science


Non-irritating, smooth feel

  • This hybrid oil is formulated by combining oil and water in alternating layers.
  • Formulated for a smooth, velvety feel on skin and a thick consistency that’s mild and soothing.

Removes impurities effortlessly without leaving a sticky residue!

  • Contact with water creates a cleansing, oil-infused micro emulsion that removes impurities without leaving a sticky residue.
  • Comprised of multiple water-based substances, it won’t leave an oily feeling on your skin.

Contains 40% beauty components for supple skin!

  • Rich with natural rice derived moisturizers as well as oil-based and water-based moisturizers that deliver skin that’s hydrated and supple.

Can be used with wet hands!

  • A balanced combination of oil-based and water-based components with cleansing ingredients melts away all traces of makeup, waterproof mascara, sebum, perspiration and other impurities even if hands and face are wet.
  • All HADAKIWAMI products have the same citrus green floral scent.
  • Color-free, mild acidity

How to Use

  • Pump two to three times to place a small amount on the palm of your hand. Rub into makeup well with fingertips and rinse thoroughly with cold or warm water.