Hydrates and locks in moisture
for smooth, supple skin.

Contains moisturizing Rice Power® (rice extract) No. 11.
Moisturizing Lotion leaves skin feeling moist and reduces pore size for a smooth complexion.

HADAKIWAMI Moisturizing Lotion
Brand name RP Moisturizing lotion

(150 ml dispenser / 140 ml refill)

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Moisturizing ingredients
Rice Power® (rice extract) No. 11,akebia stem extract,
green tea extract (cha leaf extract),beefsteak stem extract,glycerin

2013 Yahoo! BEAUTY Best Cosmetics Award2nd place in the Basic Skincare Division

Hydrates and locks in moisture

The science
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  • Moisturizing Lotion contains moisturizing Rice Power® (rice extract) No. 11. Replenishes and locks in moisture. Delivers moisture throughout the upper layer of skin and reduces the appearance of pores for a smooth texture.
  • The thick lotion leaves skin feeling moist and supple.
  • Formulated to penetrate deep within the skin and deliver active ingredients for beautiful skin. Promotes skin’s natural moisturizing mechanisms: ceramides, NMF and a hydrolipid film. A watery shield* hydrates effectively while shutting in moisture. (* Tremella fuciformis extract, xanthan gum)
  • Color-free, mild acidity
  • Features a soothing aroma combining citrus green floral with Japanese green tea.

How to Use

  • Place an amount the size of a large coin on the palm of your hand or cotton and pat onto skin.
  • Apply after applying HADAKIWAMI Serum.

Moisturizing Lotion moisturizes skin for a smooth complexion.
Praise from satisfied customers

  • My skin feels bouncy and flexible when I wake up in the morning.

    Kyoto Age 32
  • My skin feels moist and my makeup goes on much better. I can really feel the difference.

    Shizuoka Prefecture Age 35
  • It’s absorbed very quickly by my skin, leaving my skin feeling soft and springy. My skin stays supple for a long time.

    Kanagawa Prefecture Age 29
  • The moisturizing lotion really soaks in to my skin and it feels wonderful!

    Miyagi Prefecture Age 32
  • When I use HADAKIWAMI my makeup doesn’t dry out and my skin stays flexible.

    Hokkaido Age 29
  • My skin was dehydrated and shiny, so it really soaked it up and felt moist.

    Tokyo Age 20
  • Compared to the lotions I've used before, it feels like the moisture really soaks into my skin. When I use it in the morning, it takes care of the dryness and shininess, and I felt like my makeup lasted longer.

    Kumamoto Prefecture Age 32
  • The day I used it my skin felt better and my makeup lasted longer, but when I stopped using it, my skin went back to the way it was… I could feel what HADAKIWAMI did for my skin, and at the same time I realized that I need to treat the source if I want my skin to get better.

    Hyogo Prefecture Age 31
  • With just the lotion and beauty serum, my skin is really hydrated. The light, clean aroma also soothes my tired skin and mind.

    Aichi Prefecture Age 33
  • It feels good on my skin, and when I use it in the morning, my skin feels hydrated all day long.

    Ibaraki Prefecture Age 27